Informal Views and Unexpected Glimpses

by Susan Stillman September 5, 2019

Not all of my commissions are full frontal views of homes. I’m sometimes asked to represent a favorite piece of a property, a beloved tree, a view from an unexpected angle. Here are three examples.


As this couple was moving to a new home, they chose the charming front porch as the place that held their dearest memories, complete with the dog, cat, and wicker chairs beckoning.

Front Garden Home Portrait
Katonah, Tea Anyone?


Corsica is a mountainous Mediterranean island where this French family has a summer home. More important than the house itself, these clients can never get enough of the view from their backyard. This view is what they dream about when they are home in Paris, so their painting brings memories of sunshine throughout the winter till they can return.

Corsica Home Portrait
Poolside in Corsica


Here are two different views of one house, commissioned in addition to the larger and more formal painting we did of the whole property, which happens to be the first Home Portrait you see on my HOME page. We focused on a favorite magnolia in the foreground of one, and the expanse of the side yard in the other. My client has since moved, and she tells me these paintings are treasured in their new home.

Magnolia Home Portrait
Rear View with Magnolia
Flag Home Portrait
Connecticut Side Yard with Pool and Flag