The Genuine Article, A Stately Tudor

by Susan Stillman June 9, 2019

This is one of those magnificent old Tudors you marvel at as you drive through the streets of Westchester. My clients have lovingly restored their historic home, and I was so excited to be able to portray it on canvas for them last season.

At first glance, this finished painting and the reference shot are not as dramatically different as some of the others I have shared in the past, but look carefully. Notice in the painting that we see the circular driveway and all the planting beds against the house, as well as those in front of the driveway hedge. It’s not possible to view this all in reality, so I used close up detail shots to get the information, and adjusted reality!

The trees on either side of the hedge were scaled down so they didn’t command too much attention, and moved to bookend the house. The large tree in the foreground was also strategically placed, and much simplified.

All favorite flowers were included, whether they bloom at the same time or not. I made sure to direct focus toward the distinctive front door.

The painting is 40″ wide, as is the pencil sketch below. You can see notes on the sketch identifying all the elements to be included. Ultimately, the painting is a synthesis of visuals from approximately 100 photos taken over the course of a few months.

These are a few of the detail images used to piece together the painting.